UFO Landkreis Diepholz

Whilst sitting in my garden at around 20:30 hrs, I watched a bright white light moving in a northerly direction.

It had been a very stormy day but the sky was clearing up. When I noticed in a break in the clouds this light moving away from me. At first I thought it was an aircraft, but observed that after moving a short distance it appeared to pause for a moment, making a sort of „wobble“ or maybe even a slight shift to the right, before moving on again a short distance. The same sort of manouver happened 4 times before it disappeared again behind clouds.

In order to confirm what I was seeing I moved to a better position in the garden. At doing this I noticed what I believe to be another aircraft, as I could faintly see flashing lights, moving from my right to left away from this „light“. It was much smaller, but of a size which I would normally say is a commercial aircraft normal for the area. We regularly have small twin seater planes flying over, and we also see a lot of air traffic at altitude. So this was out of the ordinary.

On a lesser note, I have to recall that a few nights earlier, around 23:00 hrs, whilst watching TV in my normal seat, I noticed a similar bright light, which seemed to suddenly appear (stationary)for about 3 seconds, before disappearing almost before I could take it in. I went to the window to see confirm I had seen something, but on this clear night, I could only see the usual night sky, and the flashing lights of an aeroplane.

Zuschrift von Peter Abernethy


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