Something strange in Winhöring

Yesterday night (22 Nov 2017 – 21:30 circa) I was smoking on the balcony and speaking at the phone, when suddenly 2 big lights are appeared in front to me; standing without to move. after some minutes is appeard a third light. All 3 were standing (at the same distance) without to move for some minutes till the last moved FAST on the right side and then blocked again. When the 3rd „light“ was gone, is appeared a 4th on the left side (always with the same distance from the other 2). then one by one, they flown fast in the same direction of the first light and always with the same distance between them. They were standing for 20 minutes circa and then are disappeared. The light were very powerful: White, MAYBE also red, but surely also ORANGE.

Zuschrift von Shirley Star


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  1. Hi Shirley Star,

    I must translate first, so try not to be afraid, similar reports, many here. Your review I find very interesting, because you clearly indicating the distance between the lights. This is truly remarkable, because the spacing of the lights at my sightings are similar, thank you for your message here


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